In his private studio, Bob teaches both classical and jazz technique, theory, composition and improvisation (including both jazz and classical improvisation).  He also offers performance coaching for all instruments, whether in preparation for competitions or auditions, or simply to improve confidence and creativity, and refine interpretation and musicality.  In addition, Bob teaches music notation (both notation fundamentals and computer notation/Sibelius/Finale) and introduction to music production.

The study of music helps us to develop as a whole person.  It helps us achieve balance; it nurtures our ability to be creative, and to place importance on things that are meaningful but less tangible.  The ability to appreciate music and the arts leads to a fuller life, and more refined intellectual and emotional capabilities in all areas of our lives.

As both a classical and a jazz performer, Bob feels that improvisation and composition are an essential part of musical learning – even for students who focus exclusively on classical performance (all of the masters of classical keyboard were excellent improvisers).  No amount of abstract theoretical work (worksheets, etc.) can make up for learning music fundamentals in context, as the greats of the past did in every genre of music.  Knowledge of this facet of music not only awakens our creative capacities, but makes us more vibrant musicians, performers, and people.

Please contact Bob for more information, and a trial lesson.